Pokémon Go: How to control Eevee evolution for Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon

Eevee is unique in Pokémon Go for its numerous split evolutions. You can get Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon — and there’s even an easter egg to let you choose!

You finally catch or hatch the Pokémon you’ve been waiting for — and Shiny Eevee with wicked high stats (IV) and CP (Combat Power). You’re ready to evolve but you really want the Gen 2 Umbreon or Espeon, or the vorpal Vaporeon. No, you want a Jolteon to counter Vaporeon or a Flareon to cut down some raid bosses.

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But, you don’t want to leave it to random chance. Well, you don’t have to! Stick it to the random number generator gods with this one neat easter-egg!

Already use the name trick and want more Umbreon or Espeon? Keep reading!

August 11, 2018: It’s Eeevee Community Days
Given the impending launch of Pokémon Let’s Go for Nintendo Switch, it should come as no surprise that the August Community Days — yes, two of them for the first time! — are happening on Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12, 2018:

Eevee with special move Last Resort
3x Stardust for catches
3-hour Lures
Chance for Shiny Eevee
Last Resort as special move

Asia-Pacific: 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
Americas and Greenland: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8) / 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST (GMT -5)

TL;DR: All the Eevee nickname tricks
You can rename your Eevee’s to these nicknames to evole exactly the Eevee-lution you want, but you can only use each one once per account.

Pyro for Flareon
Sparky for Jolteon
Rainer for Vaporeon
Sakura for Espeon
Tamao for Umbreon

Many of the Gen 1 to Gen 2 split evolutions require the new “evolution items” to force the old Pokémon into its new form. Not so Espeon or Umbreon. Instead, the same easter egg that worked for forcing a first-time Eevee-lution into Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon also works for forcing a first-time Eevee-lution into a psychic-type Espeon or dark-type Umbreon.

All you have to do it re-name the Eevee you want to evolve after its trainer from the original Pokémon animated series.

Sakura for Espeon
Tamao for Umbreon
Remember, it only works for the first Espeon and Umbreon you evolve, so choose wisely — your highest stat (IV) and CP Eevee’s!

How do you evolve more Umbreon or Eevee in Pokémon Go Gen 2?

Already use the nickname trick above and want to get more Umbreon or Eevee? If all you do is hit the Evolve button, all you’ll get is a Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon. To get Umbreon or Eevee, it takes friendship:

Make the Eevee you want to evolve your Buddy. Don’t switch or swap it in any way or for any amount of time.
Walk with your Eevee Buddy for at least 10 KM and until you get 2 at least Eevee candy. (You need to have gotten 2 candy for this to work.)
While keeping Eevee your Buddy, hit the Evolve button:
During the day (game screen in bright) to get Espeon.
At night (game screen is dark) to get Umbreon.
You can swap out Eevee for another buddy, but you’ll have to swap Eevee back to being your buddy before you try to evolve Umbreon or Espeon.

How do you force evolve Eevee into Gen 1’s Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon?

Eevee is different than the other Gen 1 Pokémon: Instead of a linear evolution, its Eevee-lution is split. That means, when you hit the Evolve button, you random chance decides if you get a water-type Vaporeon, fire-type Flareon, or electric-type Jolteon.


You have the ability, once and once only, to force Eevee to evolve into each of its split evolutions. That’s one Vaporeon, one Flareon, and one Jolteon, guaranteed. All you have to do is use this magnificent easter egg:

Rename the Eevee you want to evolve after the name of its trainer from the original Pokémon animated series. That’s:

Pyro for Flareon
Sparky for Jolteon
Rainer for Vaporeon.
Remember, it only works once for each. After that, you’re back to random chance. So, choose wisely. Pick the highest stat (IV) and highest CP Eevee you can for each one.

And since Vaporeon is the most powerful Eevee-lution in the game, and Jolteon can counter Vaporeon (and Gyarados!), make those your first and second best respectively! (Sorry Flareon!)

Are there Shiny Eevee and Eevee-lutions? Can you control those?
There are. They entered the game on August 11, 2018. Like almost all other Shinies, you can only catch or hatch Eevee its Shiny form. If you want any of the Eevee-lutions to be Shiny, you’ll need to evolve them the same way you evolve any Eevee and without any additional nickname tricks to help out.

What are the best movesets for Eevee and the Eevee-lutions?
Eevee were some of the most common and powerful Pokémon when the game launched with Gen 1 in the summer of 2016. Since then, as time passed and new generations entered the game, their power hasn’t faltered but new and more powerful Pokémon have entered the game.

So, while the Eevee-lutions aren’t meta-defining any more, they’re still awesome and can prove potent backups or terrific diversity when you need them.

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets for Vaporeon?

aporeon used to be the best Water-type Pokémon in the game. Then Gyrados finally got a Water-type fast move. Then Kygre came. Still, Vaporeon packs the same punch it always has, and that means it can help fill out a Water team if you don’t have a full roster of hard-to-evolve Gyrados or Legendary whales. And it can still put a hurt on the likes of Tyranitar.

Attack: Water Gun with Hydro Pump. Fast jab, devastating uppercut. Especially good against Rhydon and Tyranitar.
Defense: Water Gun with Aqua Tail. Also fast and frequent enough it can force more dodging — or damage.

Counter: Raikou, Zapdos, Exeggutor (esp. Alolan) with Solar Beam, Venusaur.

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets for Flareon?

Flareon was all but forgotten thanks to the big Fire-type depowering (nerfing) of late 2016. With the advent of Blissey, though, Flareon’s powerful Overheat move began to make a comeback. Now, with the new Gym system, Flareon’s CP is no longer a deal breaker and Overheat has become a Grass-type burner against several Raid Bosses. It’s overshadowed by Moltres and Entei, but also plentiful enough that it can still fill Gyms or round-out teams.

Attack: Fire Spin + Overheat. It takes a while to charge but it’s a blast furnace when unleashed against Venusaur and it’s Grassy kind.
Defense: Fire Spin + Flamethrower. Double charge move can be used more often than single.

Counter: Kyogre or Gyarados, Tyrannitar with Smack Down, Golem.

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets for Jolteon?

Jolteon has been overtaken as an Electric-type attacker by the Legendary bird, Zapdos, and Legendary beast, Raikou. Especially the latter, which is the only bit electric with Wild Charge, and the moveset makes the ‘mon. Still, Jolteon can be a fun Gym filler and can round out your Raid team, especially rejoiners.

Attack: Thundershock and Thunderbolt. It absolutely electrocutes Gyarados and short-circuits Lapras, Blastoise, and Vaporeon.
Defense: Volt Switch with Thunderbolt or Discharge.

Counter: Groudon or Rhydon, Golem

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets for Umbreon?
As a Dark-type attacker, Umbreon might be overshadowed — haha! — by Tyranitar, but it’s still one of the best look Pokémon in the game, and one that carries a good-sized punch. It’s one of the tankiest non-Blissey/Snorlax defenders, so it works well as a Gym filler and can round out a Raid lineup against Psychic-types.

Attack: Snarl and Foul Play
Defense: Snarl and Dark Pulse.

Counter: Machamp, Hariyama

What are the best Pokémon Go movesets for Espeon?
As a Psychic-type attacker, Espeon had a brief career helping Alakazam counter Machamps in Raids before Legendary Pokémon with Psychic-type attackers entered the game — including and especially Mewtwo. Eevee candies are still far easier to come by then any of the others, though, so Espeon still has a place as a backup… backup… backup… Maybe?

Attack: Confusion and Future Sight
Defense: Confusion and Psybeam

Counter: Tyranitar with Bite + Crunch

Any Pokémon Go Eevee evolution questions?
If you have any questions about evolving Eevee into Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon, let me know in the comments below!